Lake Sarah Park & Campground


Did you know that Minnesota Farmers Union has a campground?

Farmers Union Lake Sarah Campground offers a rustic cabin, meeting space and seasonal RV camping sites near Erskine in northwestern Minnesota’s Polk County. The campground is open to Farmers Union members and the public.

In the 1940s, Polk County Farmers Union sought a campground, so members A.M. Larson, Fred Groninger and Ed Tuveng found the Lake Sarah Campground in Erskine, Minn. A meeting was called to vote on the purchase of the site and was unanimously approved. The Polk County Farmers Union purchased 3.1 acres for $500 and a small strip of land close by for $50. The Polk County Farmers Union donated the property in the 1980s to Minnesota Farmers Union.

Over the decades since Lake Sarah Campground was initially purchased, several additions and improvements have been made to make it what it is today, thanks to the efforts of dedicated MFU members. These include a lodge constructed completely by volunteer labor, connected dormitories, an auditorium, kitchen and bathhouses. The park is used by members and the community for a variety of events. The campground also hosts MFU’s Northern Elementary and Northern Junior Camps every summer.

Rates and General Information

In order to accommodate as many parties as possible throughout the season, it is necessary to book reservations on a first come, first served basis. In the event of a cancellation, please notify the park as soon as possible. We offer a 15% discount for MFU members (excluding Seasonal Campsites).

Camp Address

38524 200th Ave SE
Erskine, MN 56535


June–Sept: Danny Larson, Lake Sarah Caretaker (218) 686-1579
Oct–May (and future seasons): Glen Schmidt, or (651) 288-4066