Leadership Camp

Farmers Union Youth Leadership Camps are all about helping young people become good citizens by planting the seeds of responsibility, leadership and cooperation in an environment where those qualities can grow and flourish.

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Our camp is affordable and open to everyone, regardless of your current or past farming background. It’s all about helping young people become good citizens by planting the seeds of responsibility, leadership and cooperation in an environment where those qualities can grow and flourish.

A Common Foundation

Campers have opportunities to develop these qualities through some of the simple, day-to-day tasks at camp. These activities provide a common foundation for all campers to share the responsibility of making camp a fun, safe place to be and are the foundation of developing cooperation skills that can last a lifetime.

There are other ways campers can develop their leadership and cooperation skills, too.  Some may choose to share a special skill on talent night or run for a director’s position on the board of the camp’s cooperative concession store.

Leadership & Cooperation Skills

Leadership and cooperation happen at all levels of Farmers Union Leadership Camp, and sometimes these skills are demonstrated in an act as simple as helping a younger camper with a craft project or assembling a costume to wear at a theme night.

Campers develop strong leadership roles by participating in groups where campers are taught the importance of legislation and how it can affect their community, and how to become an effective leader. Farmers Union Leadership campers can make a difference in their communities.

MFU strives to provide an environment that continually fosters growth for young people. One of the many ways the organization achieves this is by allowing campers to take an active role in shaping the educational component of camp. The Youth Advisory Council is elected each year by their peers at Senior Camp, and throughout the year discuss, select, and build the base for the annual educational theme.

Activities and Fun

But camp isn’t only about education. It’s also about providing a safe environment where campers can hang out, be kids and have fun. Campers get to sing at campfires and dress up in crazy costumes for theme-night. They can swim, play games, go on nature hikes and much more.

Most of all, campers can meet young people from throughout the state – both urban & rural with whom they can build lifelong friendships.

Camp Dates & Cost

Explore camping options and dates by age category.

We are very sorry to inform you that we will not be offering Northern Camps at our Lake Sarah Campground this year due to staffing issues. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. However, we encourage you to sign up for our Southern Camps, which will be held at Sibley State Park near Willmar, MN.

Southern Elementary Camp

 (Ages 11-14)

$140 for the week
July 10-14 at Sibley State Park Near New London

Southern Junior Camp

 (Ages 11-14)

$140 for the week
July 17-21 at Sibley State Park near New London, MN

Senior High Camp

 (Ages 14-18)

$140 for the week
July 23-28 at Sibley State Park near New London, MN

Theme Nights (from 2022 Stay tuned for 2023 Theme Nights)

2023 theme nights will be available soon. Take a look below for an example week of camp theme nights:

Neon Night

Ever felt like you were born in the wrong era? Channel your inner 80’s for neon night! With 80’s trivia and “find the ‘rock,’” tonight’s main event is our most popular.

First Letter of Your Name

From A to Z or Z to A, dress the Alphabet your way! Dress as the first letter of your name and get ready for one heck of a game. For example: Lily the Lobster & Marcelo the Monster!

Under the Sea

Seas the Day and take a trip into the ocean! Dress up as your favorite sea creature or underwater character. Elementary and Junior campers: show off your fintastic tail-ents at the talent show!

Banquet Night

A camp tradition! Put on your best dress clothes and join us for an evening of fine dining, fine music, and camp awards.

Celebrity Night (Senior High Camp Only)

Ever wanted the spotlight? Take on the red carpet with celebrity night! Come dressed as your favorite celebrity, character, or all-time idol and be ready to share your talents at the talent show!

COVID Precautions

To keep camp safe and open to as many families as possible, please note the following precautions.

These guidelines may be adjusted throughout the summer season as the CDC and ACA release new information.

Before Camp

  • Do not bring your child to camp if they are sick or feel ill.
  • For two weeks before camp, keep your family’s travel and interactions outside your household as limited as possible.
  • If your child has symptoms of COVID or tests positive for COVID at any point during the two weeks prior to camp, they will not be permitted to attend camp this summer.

At Camp

  • If a camper becomes ill, a parent or guardian must be available to pick up their camper(s) within six hours. The camper will be separated from the other campers until the parent or guardian is able to pick them up from camp.
  • Health Screening: Upon arrival campers’ temperature will be taken and they will be asked health screening questions like:
    • Within the last three weeks, has someone in your household tested positive for COVID-19?
    • Are you currently experiencing any symptoms of illness?
    • Do you have any concerns with abiding by our COVID precautions while at MFU Leadership Camp?
  • Health and Sanitary Protocols: Our cleaning protocols will be expanded and increased. We will provide multiple sanitizing and hand washing stations around the camp. Each activity will also have the necessary cleaning supplies to disinfect all equipment and areas between groups.
  • Daily Health Screenings: Each cabin counselor will perform a camper health screening at the beginning of each day. Temperature will be taken, and heath questions asked. A record of these screenings will be kept for three months after the conclusion of camp.

After Camp

In the two weeks following camp, please inform us if anyone in your household becomes sick and/or tests positive for COVID.

Cabin Life

Each cabin will have fans to create air flow. This will ensure the air within cabins circulates regularly and, as a bonus, keep cabin temperatures more comfortable in the heat of summer.

Cabin Staff

This summer we will be hiring fantastic counselors and cooks. The hiring and screening process will remain the same. We will have a designated health supervisor onsite all summer to enforce COVID precautions, provide care, and distribute meds.