Carbon and Climate-Smart Markets

New markets are emerging for ecosystem services, carbon credits and climate-smart commodities. Minnesota Farmers Union works to make sure these markets benefit family farmers and rural communities.

Farmers' Guide to Carbon Market Contracts in Minnesota

With one fifth of the world’s largest companies setting net-zero emissions targets, farmers are being asked to make changes to their operations to sequester carbon and sell companies ‘credit’ for sequestered carbon. These relationships between farmers, large companies, and often third-party verifiers are defined by contracts.

Members of Minnesota Farmers Union asked for help evaluating these contracts and deciding what’s right for their family farms.

The Farmers' Guide to Carbon Market Contracts provides insight and information for farmers as they evaluate those contracts.

Our project partners include Farmers' Legal Action Group, Inc. and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Thank you to the McKnight Foundation for funding this important project.

Partnering for Success

The Environmental Initiative Awards is an annual recognition program that celebrates people and projects working in partnership at the nexus of a healthy environment, a prosperous economy and an equitable society. Our work with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Legal Action Group was recognized in 2023 as a leading partnership advancing climate solutions.

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