Climate Resilience on the Farm

Farmers are using practices to make their farms more resilient as the climate changes. From heavy rains to extreme drought and damaging winds, farmers are adapting and changing.

Erik Hatlestad

Erik Hatlestad

Erik farms 850 acres in west central Minnesota with his parents, Phil and Carolyn, and his brother, Adam. They were early adopters of no-till and have strong water management practices including buffer strips. Read more about their farming practices.

Mike Seifert

Mike and Dana Seifert

Mike and Dana Seifert are the fourth generation to live and work on Mike’s family farm in Jordan. Ravenview Farm is a 100-acre farm, with 65 acres of cropland. They came back to the farm five years ago and have made many changes. They still grow corn and soybeans but they also grow small grains and hay crops and they're raising broiler chickens on pasture, making maple syrup and doing a lot more direct marketing. Learn more about their farming operation.